Monte vs 1win

Once again, Monte and 1WIN face off on the maps of CS:GO. This is the fourth meeting in 2023. Alas, before the last fight, 1WIN had already lost three times to Monte:

  1. 25.03.23 ESL Challenger League Season 44: Europe – 1WIN vs Monte 1:2
  2. 28.03.23 CCT Central Europe Series #5 – Monte vs 1WIN 1:0
  3. 26.05.23 ESL Challenger League Season 45: Europe – 1WIN vs Monte 1:2

And so another meeting, finally with a different result:

  • 17.08.23 CCT Central Europe Series #7 – Monte vs 1WIN 0:2

The lineup for the 1WIN vs. Monte team included:

  • NickelBack
  • Boombl4
  • Forester
  • Deko

All 1WIN players are representatives of the Russian Federation.

The Monte team consists of:

  • kRaSnaL
  • br0
  • DemQQ
  • Sdy
  • Woro2k

Team Monte is ranked 13th in the CS:GO world rankings, while Team 1WIN is ranked 33rd.

The teams fought on two maps: Mirage and Nuke. The best player on the results of Monte vs 1WIN on all two maps was Sergiy ‘DemQQ’ Demchenko.